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    Highway 381 South has reopened

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    Scotland County shuts down Bulldogs, 27-6

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    Bulldogs look to rebound against talented Scots

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    Clio Community Night Out held Tuesday

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Local club to host 'Rotary Regatta'

Published on Thursday, May 15, 2014

Local club to host 'Rotary Regatta'

The Rotary Club of Bennettsville will be hosting the "Rotary Regatta" boat races as part of Summerfest on Sunday, June 8, beginning at 1:30 p.m.
This boat race has something of a twist.  Not only is it not a catastrophe if a boat sinks, its pretty much expected.
The reason is that all the boats will be constructed primarily of cardboard.
There will be two divisions of boat races.  The first is the pre-built category.  In this competition, boats must to be constructed prior to the race date.  
The boats have to be ready for display during the Saturday of Summerfest, June 7.  The entry must have two paddlers but the construction teams are not limited.
These boats will compete for cash prizes in appearance and a time trial on Lake Paul Wallace on Sunday.
A Titanic prize will also be awarded for the most dramatic sinking.
Boats must be constructed by regulations that are available on the Herald-Advocate website, or by contacting Rotarians Hubie Meggs (843-439-3438) or Charles Paul Midgley (843-479-6821).
There is no limit to the number of teams that can participate but the boat must be available for inspection on June 7 at the courthouse.
The second competition will be a "build on-site" race.  Teams of up to five members will have 30 minutes to assemble a one-person craft out of materials supplied by the Rotary Club.  No other tools or materials will be allowed.
One member will then have to paddle the boat around a buoy in the lake as part of the race.
This competition is limited to the first 20 teams to register.    Contact Meggs or Midgley to register in advance.  You can also register at Summerfest on June 7, assuming any of the 20 slots remain.

General Rules

1) Only corrugated cardboard may be used. It can be of any thickness but must not be bonded to any other material such as vinyl. Non-corrugated material may not be used, especially the kind of resin or wax-type coating found in packing cases. No solid cardboard and no carpet roll tubes may be used.

2) Wood, metal, Styrofoam, or other materials that would aid in flotation or make the hull rigid are prohibited. This restriction applies to the keel, transom, ribs, hull, etc.

3) No material such as Styrofoam or rubber inflation devices may be used to provide “buoyancy” or maintain flotation. No sandbags or similar materials may be used for 


4) Hulls may be painted with any “one-part” paint. No epoxy glues, fiberglass resins or “multi-part” varnishes or paints may be used. Hulls may not be “wrapped” in plastic, duct tape or anything else. Tar based substances like roof coatings are not permitted.

5) Joints and seams may be glued and/or taped. Duct tape, contact cement, rubber cement, or construction adhesive be used. No nails or metal or wood fasteners or staples may be used in the construction of the boat (small amounts may be used for removable decoration only).

6) Design is builder’s choice. Let your “imagination” reign supreme!! A minimum of 50% of the boat’s volume must remain as part of the boat when raced. Failure to meet this rule will result in a 20 second penalty in each race entered.

7) Decorations may be made from any material but may not be used to reinforce the actual structure of the boat.

8) Boats from previous years are welcome back, with the following stipulations:

a. If the boat won prizes in any judged category in prior years, they are not eligible to be judged again. This does not apply to the races, which are timed events. 

b.  If you change the paint scheme and theme of the boat, it is judged as a new boat.

9) No boat will be allowed to leave the starting gate unless all persons on board are wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and shoes. (Participants will provide their own PFDs and paddles.)

10) Boats are subject to inspection and disqualification for each violation of the above General Rules, (with the exception of rule # 6 which results in a 20 second time penalty).

11) All entrants must ensure that their portion of the pit area has been cleaned prior to departure on Regatta day. All boats must be removed from the park or cut apart and placed in trash containers.

12) Prior to the races, boats will be judged in the following categories: Best Original Design, Best Construction or Construction Technique, Best Decorated, Best Team Effort, Most Whimsical & Peoples Choice. Note: Corporate/Club teams and Family/individual teams will be judged separately with trophies being awarded to both groups.

13) During the races, each event will be timed and awards given to the fastest times in each event. There will also be awards for the longest and the shortest boats to get around the race course and the Titanic Award for the most spectacular sinking. 

14) Boat clubs may have multiple teams paddling the same boat in any event/category. You must notify the Race Chairman a week prior to the event with the number of teams you will have and in which event(s) they will be paddling. There will be no additional charge for multiple teams. 


Note: Rules are subject to change. All participants and sponsors will be notified in writing if changes are made.

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