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  • Highway 381 South has reopened

    Highway 381 South has reopened

    The above section of Highway 381 South outside of McColl was damaged by Hurricane Florence in September 2018. The road was closed for almost a year. Below, the road re-opened last week on Sept....

  • Palmetto Brick Company celebrates 100 years in Marlboro County

    Palmetto Brick Company celebrates 100 years in Marlboro County

    WALLACE — Andy Rogers was humbled by the fact that Palmetto Brick is 100 years old.
    “A lot of people from the early 1900s until today have put their blood, sweat, and tears in...

  • NETC hosts JROTC students for informational program

    NETC hosts JROTC students for informational program

    Friday, September 13, Northeastern Technical College (NETC) hosted an information session for high school students participating in Junior ROTC programs to learn more about the resources and...

  • Clio Community Night Out held Tuesday

    Clio Community Night Out held Tuesday

    The Town of Clio Community Night Out was Tuesday. Community members, elected officials, law enforcement and others attended for various entertainment and educational information. There was face...

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Dr. Jill Biden speaks at WEMS

Published on Thursday, June 6, 2019

Dr. Jill Biden speaks at WEMS

WALLACE  — As Dr. Jill Biden spoke Wednesday, she emphasized how teacher focused her husband Joe Biden's education policy is.
"I think it is crucial that we lift up the profession and we pay our teachers more," she said.
Dr. Biden spoke in the media center of Wallace Elementary Middle School where more than 50 Marlboro County School District educators, board members, officials, and community members gathered.
Biden has been in education for 34 years. She is still in the classroom and teaches at a community college.
She said she was traveling all around South Carolina and other states for the opportunity to listen to teachers and to see what they have to say so their education policy will be teacher-focused.
She noted in addition to Biden's experience, relationships with leaders across the globe, commitment to climate change concerns and other issues, is his character.
"He treats people with dignity and respect," she said. "He is known for bringing people together."
Dr. Biden added she does not see the negatives of education.
"I see teachers who are so committed to their students that they are paying out of their own pockets to bring in supplies," she said.
Dr. Biden admitted that teachers don't leave the classroom behind at the end of the day when they go home.
"Your students are with you all the time," she said. "Our job is to lift up our kids. I know teachers do that. We may be the only ones in their entire day or week who say something positive to them."
Dr. Biden concluded that if her husband was the next president, he would lift up teachers and the profession.
"Education was his first policy," she said.
Dr. Biden was introduced by former state superintendent Inez Tenenbaum.
"When the Bidens are elected to the White House, we will have two advocates for education in the White House," she said.
She added Joe Biden is a longtime supporter of public education and his wife has been in education for over three decades.
"She was the first second lady of the United States to have a full-time teaching job when her husband was vice president," Tenenbaum said. "That tells you everything about her commitment."
Biden's plan is focused on higher teacher and more teacher pay and federal investments in schools and early childhood education.
Before Dr. Biden spoke, she has presented a gift from the school district from Superintendent Dr. Gregory McCord featuring the district mantra — #345.

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Author: Dan McNiel

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