‘Drive-in’ fireworks set for June 27

  • 18 June 2020
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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The City of Bennettsville's annual Independence Day Fireworks show will go on as planned next Saturday, June 27 at Lake Paul Wallace.  The 20-minute show will begin at 9:30.
"We believe that our community deserves to have this celebration.  Of course, there have to be restrictions in place to enforce social distancing but we have made accommodations that will allow us to continue this tradition," said Elisabeth McNiel, the director of Tourism, Parks and Recreation for the city.
They are calling this year's show "drive-in fireworks."
"Unlike previous years, there won't be activities on the beach or a band to entertain the crowd prior to the show.  Everyone will be asked to stay in or at their vehicles to watch the fireworks," she said.
To enhance viewing from other locations, the show's soundtrack will be broadcast on a low-power FM station.
"The range for the broadcast will be about 1.5 miles so anywhere someone can watch around the lake area they will be able to listen to the music while enjoying the show," said McNiel.
The recreation department has been working with the police department to ensure a safe experience for everyone.
"Our police department is confident in their plan to keep people safe and separated," she said.
Although Lake Wallace will be open for boaters during the day, all boats must be removed by 7 p.m.  No one but show staff will be allowed inside the fences  after that time.
There will be no parking on Country Club Drive or Jefferson Street.  Parking will be available at Bennettsville Primary School and AMIKids Infinity School (old Eastside High School).
"We have had reports over the years of folks being able to see the fireworks from all over town.  So with the addition of the radio broadcast, many will be able to fully enjoy the show without ever leaving their yards," said McNiel.
The FM channel has not been established as of press time but will be published in next week's edition, as well as on the recreation department's Facebook page and website.

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