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New solid waste service up and running

  • 13 February 2020
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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New solid waste service up and running
Monday morning trash collection trucks of Waste Connections, Marlboro County's new third-party solid waste contractor, began servicing residents in the unincorporated areas of the county.
"So far, the results are good. Other than a few houses being missed in the cart delivery, everything has gone smoothly," Doug Carabo, Public Services Director for Marlboro County, told county council at their monthly meeting Tuesday.
"We initially asked citizens to call the county with any issues as we got the service started. Now, we are at the point in implementation to turn everything over to Waste Connections. So we are asking anyone with service issues or missed pick-ups to call the company," said Carabo.
The number for Waste Connections is 704-708-5872.
Carabo told the council that 1500 addresses were serviced on Monday and roughly the same on Tuesday. In all, there have been 6,700 carts distributed.
He reported that they received calls from several individuals and from churches that wanted extra trash carts. Waste Connections will provide those for a small extra fee.
"Nobody's perfect and there have been a couple of missed pick-ups. We just ask that people have a little patience," said Carabo.

Other Business
The council approved second reading of an ordinance to establish the Marlboro County Tax Assessment Appeals Board.
They also approved second reading of an ordinance authorizing county staff to enter into an agreement with the Town of McColl to provide fire service in some areas outside of the town limit.
The council ratified a resolution allowing the county to accept $21,000 from Marlboro Electric Cooperative for the provision of infrastructure. This contribution is under the Rural Development Act.
Also approved was a resolution making a budget amendment, establishing a solid waste enterprise fund. This fund will be used to hold revenue paid in the form of taxes that will be dispersed to pay Waste Connections.
The council discussed using funds to assist needy citizens that request relief from the increased taxes created by the new solid waste service. Chesterfield Marlboro Economic Opportunity Council has tentatively agreed to assist the county in distributing these funds. County administrator Ron Munnerlyn told the council that he would put together the needed resolution to implement this.
Munnerlyn also told the council that staff is working on putting together the annual county-wide litter clean-up day. They are considering either March 14 or April 4 as dates and that municipalities are encouraged to participate.

Other reports
Marian Wright Edelman Public Library Director Bobbie Grooms made her annual report to the council. She reminded them that on February 22, the library will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Grooms told the council that the circulation for 2019 was 40,046 books, DVDs and audio books.
Munnerlyn informed the council about the South Carolina Department of Commerce's rural initiative, focusing on 14 counties in the state, including Marlboro. He said that the strategic initiatives that the county council has already adopted fit into the state program.
In discussing economic development prospects, Munnerlyn said that he had three contacts that were planning visits. These, however, are Chinese companies and they have had to postpone the visits due to the coronavirus outbreak and travel restrictions associated with the epidemic.
Munnerlyn said that the flu has affected operations at the county, with numerous staff members missing work due to illness.

Appear before council
Two citizens, Mike Goff and Bud Skipper, spoke to the council, encouraging them to consider making Marlboro County a Second Amendment sanctuary. Such a move would help protect the rights of gun owners.
Barbara Ohanesian addressed the council, discussing an effort with which she is involved to bring a boys and girls club to the county. This after-school program would provide kids many fun and healthy activities.

Two county employees celebrated work anniversaries in January. Melissa Skipper has been with the county for 24 years and Tracy Polson has worked with the county for 7 years.
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