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Missing dog found, returned to owners in North Carolina

  • 12 July 2018
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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Missing dog found, returned to owners in North Carolina
BLENHEIM — For two months and 10 days, Brad Siler and his girlfriend Lindsay Self had no idea where their three-year-old pit bull Mila was.
"It was an emotional roller coaster," Siler said in a phone interview on Tuesday. "There were days that we would be really hopeful. You would get some really promising leads."
Mila went missing after a car crash on April 27 at the intersection of Donaldson and Fire Tower Roads in Blenheim. Mila jumped out of the window when it was shattered in the collision. The frightened dog quickly disappeared from the scene.
Siler, who lives two hours away in Kernersville, N.C., offered rewards and would come down to camp at the accident scene to look for her.
"There was always the inkling that she would turn up," he said.
Siler and Self don't have kids but they have four dogs. Mila, who was adopted last August, two Chihuahuas and another dog adopted by Siler in May.
On July 7, Siler said he responded to a phone call like many others he had received about it possibly being Mila.
He went through the routine of the person sending him photos and reading what was on the tag on the collar.
But this time it was different. The person, who found Mila, had built a trap for her and lured her into it with food.
Once Siler received the photos, he knew it was her.
He jumped into his truck at 9 p.m. Saturday night and arrived in Marlboro County at 11 p.m.
"Then, I turned back around and took her right back home," he said. "After she was out of the trap, she was jumping all over me. When I saw her, I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe."
Self took her to the veterinarian. Mila had a couple of minor scrapes and a few ticks on her.
"She is in pretty good shape. She lost about 20 pounds during this whole thing," he said.
He expressed his appreciation to many people who put up fliers and shared them on Facebook.
"So many great people have been looking for her," Siler said. "There were tons of prayers."
He added he felt touched that everyone was so helpful and supportive for two strangers passing through on vacation.
While Mila was missing, Siler went door to door showing photos and sharing posters of his dog.
"People were willing to do anything they could. 'Thanks' does not cover certain situations and this is definitely one of them," he said.
After returning home, Mila was treated to a "Welcome Home Spa Day" at Bark Lodge in Kernersville.
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