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MEC donates funds to help outfit BPD with personal safety lights

  • 2 August 2018
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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MEC donates funds to help outfit BPD with personal safety lights
This week, each member of the Bennettsville Police Department received a guardian angel.
Thirty-four law enforcement tactical personal safety lights by Guardian Angel were purchased in part with a $1,000 donation from Marlboro Electric Cooperative.
Police Chief Kevin Miller was able to use funds from his budget to buy the rest of the magnetic hands-free LED mounted flashlights.
Miller emphasized it wasn't a toy.
"This has the potential to save somebody's life," he said. "Marlboro Electric Cooperative could someday be responsible for saving someone's life out here."
One of Miller's main concerns with having officers at Beach Blast or doing nighttime traffic stops and accidents is they really don't have a way to be highly visible.
"So this gives us a whole new dimension to personal safety out there," he said.
The lights work several ways. One light could be used for low light for when an officer is reading.
The strobe light can be used to give more visibility or in an emergency situation.
"I am always trying to think outside of the box and give these guys another tool to use out there on the street to enhance their safety," he said.
Miller added he thought BPD was maybe the first department in not only the region but the state to have something like this for officers.
And knowing his officers are equipped with the lights will give him peace of mind.
You turn on the news every day and hear about officers getting hit or run over," he said. "At Beach Blast, there has to be a way when you put a certain number of officers in a pool of thousands of people. If there is a fight or something happens and you can't get to your radio, what other option will they have? This gives them a whole other dimension of security and safety."
Marlboro Electric Cooperative President and CEO William Fleming Jr. said they were happy to help the police department.
He added it was something they want to consider for their linemen.
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