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Clio’s First Citizens Bank to close in April

  • 30 January 2020
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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Clio’s First Citizens Bank to close in April
An institution in the town of Clio will soon be no more.
Customers of the First Citizens Bank were alerted by mail last week that the branch in Clio will close its doors permanently on April 21 at 2 p.m.
“This is a real set-back for the town and all the people around Clio,” said Mayor Joe Kinney. “We are very disappointed.”
Kinney said that having a local bank has been a great convenience to the people of the town and its closing will create difficulty for many without their own transportation.
“There are a lot of our citizens who don’t drive and are on a fixed income that have done their banking here for years. Many of those don’t do online banking, so there will be a cost involved in getting to a bank in either Bennettsville or Dillon,” said Kinney.
Terry Haggerty, Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications for First Citizens said that making the move to close a branch is a difficult one.
“It was definitely a hard decision. It was strictly a business decision that we felt had to be made,” said Haggerty.
“We remain dedicated to our customers there and that will not end with the closing of the branch,” she added.
For the people of Clio, it will be the loss of one of the cornerstones of the town. Clio has been served by a bank since the early 1900s when the Bank of Clio was founded.
First Citizens purchased the bank in the 1960s as one of their first acquisitions in South Carolina.
“This will surely hurt our town’s morale,” said Kinney.
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