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Summer reading camp encourages new generation of readers, authors

Summer reading camp encourages new generation of readers, authors
Bennettsville Intermediate School was the site of a special event on Thursday, July 20: an “Authors’ Tea,” at which a group of young writers showcased their talents and the books they wrote themselves during a six-week summer reading camp.
The camp was for third graders from throughout the Marlboro County School District. During the six weeks, the 48 students participated in a reading workshop, guided reading, research and writing workshops. They also had complementary activities such as field trips.
Most of the participating children had struggled with reading during the school year. They received assistance according to their reading levels, with very positive results, according to Dannie Blair, coordinator of special programs for the school district.
“Most of the students increased their reading levels by one, two, and three levels,” Blair said. “The camp was very successful.”
The books the children wrote were about reading. In addition to writing, they also created their own artwork for the books, which were unveiled at the Authors’ Tea that capped off the reading camp. Parents, school and district officials attended and heard the children read their books and share what they learned.

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