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Lake repair hits another snag

The effort to fix the Lake Paul Wallace spillway and allow the lake to be re-filled has hit another snag.
During recent repairs, workers from Glenn Waterproofing found the damage to the spillway to be more severe than was initially expected.
To fill the leaks and cracked surfaces, a different concrete compound will be necessary in some of the areas of the spillway.  This new concrete must be pressure tested by the Department of Natural Resources before work can continue.
“This test, which is being performed currently, requires seven days.  If the concrete passes the test, it can be poured into the surfaces in the spillway,” said Sully Blair, vice-chairman of the Lake Paul Wallace Authority.
Blair is cautiously optimistic that the latest delay will only set back the re-filling process by two more weeks.
“We are still hopeful that there will be water in the motor boating area in July,” he said.
The repair work is the result of inspections to dams and spillways statewide following Hurricane Matthew.  The boating area of the lake has been drained since last fall.
The repair process was delayed, as DNR staff put the work out for bid several times without finding a company to take on the work.
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