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Jobless rate down in April

All but one South Carolina county saw an improvement in unemployment in the month of April, according to a report released Friday by the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW).
Only Lee County did not see an improvement; instead, its unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.6 percent between March and April.
Marlboro County’s unemployment rate dropped half a percent in that same time period, from 6.4 percent in March to 5.9 percent in April. 
The county’s labor force decreased by 106 between March and April, and its number of unemployed dropped by 46.
Marlboro maintained its position as fifth highest in the state in terms of unemployment in April, trailing Bamberg County with 6.8 percent unemployment, Marion County with 6.7 percent, Allendale County with 6.5 percent and Orangeburg County with 6.0 percent.
Rounding out the top 10 were Lee County with 5.6 percent, Williamsburg County with 5.5 percent, Barnwell County with 5.3 percent, Clarendon County with 5.2 percent, and Chester and Fairfield counties, tied for 10th with 5.0 percent.
South Carolina’s overall rate was 4.3 percent in April, down from 4.4 percent in March. The national rate dropped by that same margin, from 4.5 to 4.4 percent.
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