Pee Dee Indian Tribe presents Rep. Pat Henegan with peace pipe

  • 16 August 2019
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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Pee Dee Indian Tribe presents Rep. Pat Henegan with peace pipe

Rep. Pat Henegan received a special honor from the Pee Dee Indian Tribe on Monday.
Pee Dee Indian Tribe Chairman Wayne Evans said Henegan has ongoing efforts toward helping them to secure federal recognition for the tribe.
Members of the tribe commissioned a Native American artist to create a special piece for her. 
Tribe councilman and artist Brian Tanner presented Henegan with a handmade ceremonial pipe, which took almost a year to make.
Henegan also received a small pouch of tobacco to go in it.
“I know you won’t smoke it. The pipe is fully functional.”
He uses all-natural materials when making his pipes. The stem of the pipe came from a limb of a tree in his yard. 
Henegan was surprised when she received the pipe and was very appreciative.
“It’s such an honor to know that you (Tanner) made it for me,” she said.
Chief Pete Parr said it has been an honor to work with her. 
“You have stood by the Pee Dee Indian Tribe,” he said.
Evans gave her a letter of appreciation from the tribe, which talked about the efforts and how having federal recognition would make them eligible for funding opportunities and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
“I will treasure this forever,” Henegan said.
She thanked the tribe members for everything they had done in the Pee Dee.
“I know you care. I know how much you want to make sure that you can get the tribe together and do more great things in the community,” Henegan said. “It is important that people keep their heritage and people recognize their heritage.”
Tribe members are working to obtain a building in McColl to do more outreach in the community.

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