Morrison uses her life experiences to write book to help young women

  • 3 September 2020
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Morrison uses her life experiences to write book to help young women

Marlboro County native Stephanie Morrison wanted to do something to help young women dealing with toxic relationships and low self-esteem.
Recently, Morrison had her book, Baby Girl Can’t Be Broken, published.
Her book was written to help young women to learn to love themselves, value themselves before they get into toxic relationships, and be able to get out of them.
Morrison knows about this firsthand. She was in two toxic relationships. 
Her first was a verbally abusive relationship with her son’s father, which lasted six years on and off.
Then a year after she finally left him, she got into another relationship that involved physical abuse.
What motivated her to leave was how it was affecting her son. 
“I don’t want my son to grow up and think it is okay to treat women like that,” Morrison said. “It was messing with him emotionally.”
She turned to the church and put God in her life. 
“I didn’t want to live like that anymore with being physically and mentally abused all of the time,” she said.
She decided to write a book in 2010. Morrison had found herself getting back in the same position desperate for someone to love her.
She admitted it went deeper than that. 
“All of my life, I have been picked on and put down,” she said. “I was so desperate to find someone to love me that I  was willing to put up with anything just for someone to love me. I had to learn to love myself.”
She worked on the book and had several rejections while trying to get it published. She decided to give up on it for a bit.
Then Morrison started seeing young girls around her going through similar situations. Young women, who were going to school and working but having these men come in and mess up their lives. 
“Anybody can write a book to help somebody,” she said. “Everyone has an experience that can help somebody.”
It bothered her to see so many young women who were damaged from being in toxic relationships or killed. 
“I want these young women to love, respect, and value themselves. They don’t have to go through that or put their children through it,” Morrison said. “A lot of these young women see their mothers going through it and feel like it is okay for a woman to be treated like this. And for some men, they feel it is okay to treat women like this. We have to break the cycle.”
The book was published in August. The fiction book is based on experiences in Morrison’s life with her changing the names.
“If I had put everything in there, it would have been a bigger book.
Her book can be found at Marian Wright Edelman Public Library. It can be purchased at Target, Barnes and Noble, or
She said it is not about making money but the message. I am trying to encourage young women.
When she first saw her book, she said it didn’t seem real when everyone told me no or some people wanted to charge her a lot. “Right now, it still hasn’t hit me.”
The name of the book, Baby Girl Can’t Be Broken, stemmed from what she went through.
 “I  have been through a lot and I am still here,” she said.
She sees herself writing another book because she wants to help young people with low self-esteem. 
“I have heard and seen so many young people commit suicide from being picked at and bullied,” Morrison said. “It doesn’t have to be that way.”

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