John Murray celebrates 55 years at Marley

  • 24 July 2020
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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John Murray celebrates 55 years at Marley

When John Murray first started at Marley on July 9, 1965, he was making $2.75 an hour and was 24 years old.
At the time, it was only the second job that he had ever had in his life.
And now, it is a job that Murray has held for 55 years. 
It stems from a work ethic instilled in the Marlboro County native by his parents and family from a young age.
“All of my family were strong workers. I just got it in my blood,” he said.
A welder, Murray has worked for 61 years in total and could have retired years ago but he sees no reason.
“I feel like going to work,” he said.
So every morning, he gets up to get ready for his 6 a.m.-2:30 p.m. shift.
His wife passed away last year in October. His two sons lived in Nebraska and New Jersey. Murray didn’t want to just stay home and watch TV. 
“I don’t like to fish, hunt, or nothing like that,” he said. “I don’t have any hobbies.”
So he has continued to work.
“I didn’t want to stay around the house by myself day and night,” he said.
Jimmy Covington has worked beside Murray for the last six and a half years. He is amazed by how long Murray has worked.
On his anniversary, Murray was presented with a certificate and many accolades.
“Marley is a great place to work,” he said.
His advice for others wanting to have the same work longevity is simple.
“You have to work somewhere,” Murray said. “You might as well stay where you are.”

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