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Actors are a hoot in ‘Faith County’, which opens tonight at Civic Center

  • 14 March 2019
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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Actors are a hoot in ‘Faith County’, which opens tonight at Civic Center

-a mini-review -
by Bill Kinney Jr.
Marlboro Players are bringing back to the Marlboro Civic Center stage a hoot of a show that they first presented to Bennettsville audiences 22 years ago.
It is “Faith County” set in Mineola, a small town somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the South.
There beehive hairdos are still the rage and Saturday nights are reserved for the tractor pull in nearby Pickler.
It comes in  three nightly  performances beginning at 7 pm tonight,  Friday, and Saturday. 
Three cast members are reviving their roles from the original show: Pamela Grant, Mary Boan, and Heather Midgley, who appear as close friends Mildred Hayworth Carson,  a busybody in everybody’s business; Faye McFaye, a floozy blonde checkout lady at the A&P and a scene stealer; and Mineola’s lovely  moral maven, Ruthann Barnes.
When the curtain opens, you find yourself on location at the Faith County Fairgrounds, where Mildred is in a tizzy as chairwoman for the annual  bake sale complaining that Faye is late with her baked goods.
Naomi Farkle, owner/operator of the Bee-Luv-Lee Beauty Salon, played by Sarah Crouch,  arrives and joins  the others, adding to the laughter.
Violet Farkle joins them and is played by Katie Brune, who is everyone’s favorite and one who actually has good sense in Mineola.
Shannon Braswell plays Gladys Pimbleton, an  attractive eccentric first lady and  piano player, who drinks too much.
And, Bobbie Ann Bedford is the village idiot who works at the Gas and Go and is played by Jennifer Yager. 
There are two males in the cast.
Delbert Fink, played by Justin Bruger, is a local pig farmer and is the object of Faye’s unwanted affection.
Scott Andrews plays  Luther Carson, Mildred’s cousin, beau of Naomi, who works at Luther’s Lube and Tune and is a scene stealer.
Much of Act II centers on Naomi’s and Luther’s wedding plans and the complications thereof.
You’ll know Gladys is unavailable to play for the wedding, so Bobbie Ann provides the music for the event in her own individual way.
The interaction among these characters is dynamic and will have you laughing out loud.
Author of this play is Michael Landon Smith, who wrote a note to the actors, “These characters are real people, not caricatures.”
There are two acts with a 10-minute intermission, totaling about 90 minutes.
Producer is Pamela Grant, Director is Emmie Beck,  Stage Manager is Kerry Branch, and Technical Director is Karen Lewis.
Get your tickets now  for “Faith County,” for you won’t want to miss this funny production, expertly and humorously brought to you by your friends and neighbors. You gotta see it!

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