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Rotarians plan Oct. 19 50th BBQ fundraiser

Bennettsville Rotarians used their Tuesday luncheon meeting to cement plans for next Thursday’s Barbecue fundraiser.
It will be the club’s 50th annual event and 3,000 dinners will be prepared.
John Powers and Elisabeth McNiel, co-chairmen for the event, discussed details for the event and announced times each group of Rotarians and their guest helpers need to arrive at the Bennettsvillle Community Center.
Tickets are $7.00 each.

Fall color comes to downtown

Fall color comes to downtown
If you’ve been through downtown Bennettsville recently, you’ve probably left feeling a little more festive and excited about fall, thanks to a new project of the Bennettsville Downtown Development Association.
Colorful fall decorations are on display on street corners, around the Courthouse square, and near businesses throughout downtown, with hay bales, pumpkins and more brightening the entire area for locals and visitors.

Breast cancer survivor says mammograms are key

Breast cancer survivor says mammograms are key
Susan Stromberg is many things: mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. She is also a breast cancer survivor, and her message to other women is clear: Get your mammograms, and get them regularly. Early detection made all the difference in how her story turned out, and she’s the first to say it could have been very different had a friend not encouraged her to have that lifesaving test.

Girls love football, too

Girls love football, too
Marlboro County High is celebrating homecoming week with numerous activities.  Wednesday night, the girls at the high school took to the field in a powder puff game

County ranked worst in state for children

Marlboro County was ranked the absolute worst in the state in terms of child well-being this year, according to the Children’s Trust of South Carolina, a statewide organization working to prevent child abuse, neglect and injuries.
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