Acrobat setup changes


To successfully use the online edition of the Herald-Advocate, your computer needs Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher!  Don't complain - Acrobat Reader is FREE!  Go to to install or update your Acrobat Reader.

1: Before you start, make sure that your web browser and Adobe Acrobat are not running.

2: Open Adobe Acrobat by itself . You do not need an actual PDF opened to perform these changes..

3: Under the "Edit" menu, select the "Preferences" option. Macintosh Users Note: Preferences may under the "Adobe Reader" menu.

4: When the preference window opens, click "Internet" from the list on the left side of the preferences window. Macintosh Users Note: You may have to click "Options" from the list. The right side of the window will now contain your Web Browser Options. Macintosh Users Note: You may have to click "Options" from the list.

5: Under the "Web Browser Options" , make sure that the "Display PDF in Browser" box IS checked. The boxes labeled "Allow fast web view" and "Allow speculative downloading in background" must NOT be checked..

6: Exit the Acrobat program by selecting "Exit" which is under the "File" menu.

Marlboro Herald-Advocate

Want the entire Marlboro Herald-Advocate on your computer?  Here is how to get.  Click on the icon, which will take you to the e-Edition's log in screen.  Click "Log in in Demo Mode" to try it out or subscribe to the service.  Each issue will be available online before the paper is even available on the streets.  Before you go too far, read the instructions below to avoid some problems that can cause Adobe Acrobat to "lock up".