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FBI recognizes law enforcement efforts in Lowery murder case

  • 1 March 2018
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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FBI recognizes law enforcement efforts in Lowery murder case

Last week, FBI officials recognized Marlboro County Sheriff Charles Lemon, his staff, and others for their hard work during the murder investigation of Ella Lowery and her daughter, Iyana Lowery in May of 2017.
Jejauncey Harrington, 32, of Bennettsville has been charged with their deaths. Harrington is being held at the Marlboro County Detention Center. A gag order has been issued in the double murder case.
Reid Davis, an assistant special agent in charge for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, noted Lemon had been on the job for a few months when the case happened. 
“A newly sworn-in sheriff and being hit with a tragic crime like this,” he said. “Marlboro County was tested right out of the gate but I think your prosecution is going to show that you have far exceeded that test.”
Davis said the certificates, obtained from the director of the FBI, were not taken for granted. 
“The new director’s secretary saw this case, what it meant to your community and how closely many organizations came together,” Davis said. “It may not look like much but it means a lot to us and our organization.”
FBI Supervisor Mike Connelly said it was their privilege to work with them. 
“You are the greatest professionals,” he said. “We all wanted to make sure when we presented these awards that we would give them to you guys first. You guys solved the case.”
On the certificate was: “The FBI extends its appreciation for your outstanding support in the joint investigation. Your contributions were immeasurable. And you have the gratitude of the FBI for all you did to accomplish the objectives of this investigation. You can be proud of the role you played. I join my associates, whom you worked with, in congratulating you on a job well done.”
 It was signed by FBI Director Chris Wray.
Officials recognized were Capt. Sara Albarri of MCSO; Det. Jamie Seales; Warren McColl; Walter Baker of MCSO; William Horne; Lt. Trevor Murphy of MCSO; Robert White; Roxane Love, SLED; Kristina Gainey of SLED; Solicitor Will Rogers;  Deputy Solicitor Kernard Redmond; and Sheriff Charles Lemon.
“Everybody doing what they did is the reason we are where we are today,” Lemon said. “I am very humbled.”
Davis talked about the outpouring of community support for the Sheriff’s Office. 
“People do not take it for granted,” he said. “It is not like that everywhere. In law enforcement, we are in trying times with our relationship with the community. Your community is very supportive of you and your agency. We were happy to be a part of it. We have an old saying in the bureau. Success belongs to the bureau and failure belongs to the individual. This is just a great success and we are happy to share it.”

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